Awake the Metal: Alexander (v2.0)

Chapter 0: Begining

The Story of Alexander

Introduce PCs to the world of Midgar.

PCs are in a bar — a common place for adventurers to get work — in a town on the outskirts of Lothiric called Argon. While in this bar looking for work, a group of goblins attacks the town looking for a man named Louisoix. The PCs fight the goblins and are invited into louisoix’s house afterwards for a reward. Louisoix tells the PCs why the goblins — whom he refers to as the Illuminati — are after him. He tells the story of The Mobile Fortress Alexander and asks that the PCs find the remainder of The Codex before the Illuminati can.

PCs are currently at the entrance to Desna’s Well in search of the only other known location of a Codex piece.
Session ended on March 23 at 6PM game time.


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