Desna's Well

Inhabited by elves since 967, Desna’s Well is the elven civilization in Midgar. The forest is known for its abundance of natural aether.

Areas Within Desna’s Well


Also known as the arcane capital of Midgar, Londark is the capital of Desna’s Well. It was named after the elven leader who led the original elves to Midgar.

The only other settlement of note is Silvacies — a town located on the border of Desna’s Well and is the two farthest east in all of Midgar. It is the main trade hub between Midgar and other lands because of Lothiric’s engagement with the Undead Legion.

The Fountain of Knowledge

The Fountain of Knowledge is a great library in Londark. It holds knowledge of some of the most powerful magics known to Midgar. Most of the Library is open to the public; however, the forbidden section is available only to the most powerful arcane mages and those who are trusted by these mages.

Other Things of Note


Desna’s Well is home to not only elves, but also wild and dangerous creatures. Many are basic woodland animals: bears, deer, ect. However, a great portion of the forests are inhabited by magical beasts due to the forest’s aether. Elves born in Desna’s Well are attuned to the aether of Desna’s Well, so no natural resident will be attacked randomly by its wildlife.

Desna's Well

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